Xiaomi AX3600 officially supported with the release of 23.0.5?

I have been holding back from updating my Xiaomi AX3600 until the release of 23.05, because i would hope then it would be a supported release instead of "snapshot"
Is there a reason why AX3600 still says snapshot in this list :

Thanks for all the great work

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Go to https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/ and enter ax3600.

The page you're referring to requires manual updating.


Hello and thanks for this top firmware on Xiaomi AX3600.

I'm pretty new on Openwrt, so as there is the official 2023.0.5 stable release for Xiaomi AX3600, to upgrande from a September 23 snapshot, should I just do a sysupgrade as usual with the official release or should I restart from scratch?

Also I've a second AX3600 router to flash with Openwrt should I use intramfs-factory.ubi from firmware selector and flash it from xiaomi firmware web ui as proposed or go to the original snapshot flash process?


simply sysupgrade.

shouldn't make any difference, the initramfs only lives in RAM as a bridge head for the real openwrt installation.

Hi, I'm new to openwrt and have this router. My question is can I revert back to stock firware if I flash the current openwrt version to ax3600 or is there still a method to flash both on different portions (I have found several youtube videos that they are flashing openwrt on second partiont while stock stays on first - but they are old videos)

Asking in an old thread a complete different question ... meh.
Openwrt for AX3600 will create only one big partition for openwrt, no dualboot-partitions;
But if you go back to the original firmware everything is back to OOB. Use the debricking steps in the wiki or the xiaomi MIWIFIRepairTool see MIWIFIRepairTool

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Sorry I don't open a new thread..
So you are telling me if I install openwrt I'll need to use debricking steps to bring back to original FW?
I actually tried openwrt when there was this dual partition method but it has too many not working features and i swtch back to original FW. I'm ready to give it another chance but I need the option if I'm not happy to go back to original (or if sell it a future).

Could you please explain which features weren't working for you?
So we'll know if they're a more common problem or 'just' maybe due to wrong configuration.

I'm talking about old build - 1 year old maybe. There was wifi problem and as far I remember RAM leaking problem. I'm sure this problems now are fixed when there is official release of openwrt but still I want the option to revert back if I need.