X86_64 efi image with luci, dhcp etc?

As the title suggests, are there any image around that either hands out IP's or I can put it behind my router with openwrt; that it at least gets an IP?

As a dvorak user for xy-years, and the somewhat lacking documentation, its kind of.., "just" ssh would be lovely.

Or do anyone have a sample config(s) that I could use and compile my own?

I have a intel igp 4 port card in the device and it seems to boot efi-openwrt well and so forth.

I have plugged in cables both in the igp card and the internal one, and restarted my btw-machine, which otherwise DHCP's it's ip from mentioned router.

Any advice?

Assuming the driver for your hardware is in the build (I think that igb is), the release images attach the first Ethernet port found to a lan network which has IP and a DHCP server. The intention is to connect this port directly to a PC as the only network and make initial configuration. A release build with a version number (e.g. 19.07.4) will accept http or ssh connections. Snapshot builds have only ssh.

Any additional ports have their hardware initialized but are not attached to a network. So you may need to try them all to find which one was enumerated first and is live. It may be the port on the motherboard or it may be on a card.

If the drive is removable you can mount it on another system and make changes. If the machine has a serial port you can log in to the CLI over serial.

Thanks for the reply.

This is what's strange. I know it's not a problem hardwarewise, as for some reason the fujitsu-board insists on trying a "pxe-move", but fails and then boots the usb-stick. I managed to write ifconfig and saw that indeed the bridge is up with said default ip, however, it does not hand out through dhcp.

Now, that is an idea, mounting and configure.

However, I believe it would be beneficial for an renaissance of the diy-router, as folks can much easier these days get their hands on 10+gbe fiber/eth-cards for cheaps and 5G/usb4 is just around the bend, to have an (efi)image with luci & the usual realtek, intel, hp whathaveyounotdriver-suspects.

Would love some pointers on how to compile one of those, I checked the wiki, but "hm..".