WRT32X Install & Tests

Hello I'm back

Here are a few tests I ran for you guys to see. Let me know your thoughts and what other tests you would like to see.

With new router and qos set up with the same value as the R7800.
Server 33

Server 16

Server 17


Bufferbloat Test Same settings as previous test with the R7800

Ok Lets hear it...

Absolutely no good. Latency issue during game. Hit detection I wont even go there forget about it.
I'm be throwing in the bag soon. Oh boy!

Called the cable company asked about how many channels I get and he was able to tell me it is 16x2. I asked if it was different in the speed packages and his answer was he does not know he would have to find out from the engineers. I told him I was having problems on the upload side and why there was only 2 channels with god who knows how many people on the same line. Oh boy! I told him I have all the proof adn the pudding... He seemed a little nervous. :grin::joy::rofl::smiley:

Got off the phone with ISP. They only offer 2 channels up. What kind of crock of is that. Trying not to yell.

So fellas don't know what to do now. Try DSL? do they have channels too? or are they different.

Well I got of the phone with DSL there best is 20d 2up. I said thanks and have a nice day!

I did a speed test on my att phone and I got 48.1 down and 12.1 up Ping52.

If I up the speed to modem from 2mbs to 5mbs upload would this help If I can only have 2 channel upload?

Is your modem good (not a Puma 6)? Are the signal levels OK? Check the modem's status page. You want SNR's in the high 30's, very few uncorrectable errors, and uplink power not run all the way up to 50.

Set the QOS limit to less than the worst-case upload speed. Cable uplink performance has everyone in the neighborhood fighting over the same bandwidth on the cable to the concentrator box. Even more so than download it can vary from busy times than not.

Well, I think the results of your "Puma" test are much better with the WRT32x than with the R7800. So things should be better. Also your speedtests look pretty good, I don't think whatever else you have going on is something directly in your control (ie. something you can change on your router).

There are several options

  1. problems with the physical coax that the ISP is using, splices connections etc
  2. problems with congestion in the local neighborhood.
  3. problems with congestion in the ISP's core routing capacity or along the path to server
  4. problems with the game server itself
  5. problems with the programmer's algorithm for resolving latency conflicts between different players on the same server (ie. what gamers call netcode I think)

If you can log into the modem's status page and look at the signal levels as suggested by @mk24 that'd be a good idea. You might benefit from cleaning some connections or getting them to fix some splice up on the pole or whatever.

If not though, it may just be that nothing you do will make it much better than what is going on now. :smirk_cat:

Interesting ? My modem is showing I'm connected in Docsis 3.0 mode. Any reason why that may be?

The ISP told me the docsis changes to blue when it's in 3.1. High speed internet.

probably your provider doesn't use 3.1 on their local loop, it not that widely deployed yet I think.

He told me it's what ever device it's connected to it and thats how it changes.

Like a router.

It was blue with my ASUS GT 5300 rapture

It's the cable connection that controls the DOCSIS mode, the router connected to the ethernet port doesn't have anything to do with it. So basically in some cabinet somewhere is a device that listens to your modem on the other end of the coax... and that is what controls whether you use DOCSIS 2 or 3 or 3.1 etc

So he's blowing smoke up my Butt..... Well I can definitely rule that out just by trying to put my asus online just to see. Then I'll give them hell on Monday.

But would that make any difference with what is going on?

What modem do you have? Is it company supplied or did you buy it? Do you know how to check the status page? Usually you just browse to

A 3.1 modem is only to advantage if 3.1 signals are present on the cable.

CM8200A Arris

Never mind got it... I wasn't patient enough

Tried that ip but nothing

maybe or maybe not. 3.1 certainly offers more bandwidth through more efficient coding, if your whole neighborhood had 3.1 capability, and your neighbors all installed 3.1 modems it's likely you'd have less congestion :wink: but if they don't have a 3.1 head-end in their cabinet, it doesn't matter if your modem can do it or not.

Can I change the settings in there?

No, it is a status report of the quality of the signal you are receiving on the cable. It shows a good 3.0 connection. The modem is not operating in 3.1 mode.

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Are there any other pages that show SNR or errors for the UPSTREAM channel/s?

Maybe a log page with some repeating message?

In a way, having only two channels kind of rules out that somewhat.... I don't know enough about what is there but it is well worth you carrying out similar tests with all other stuff off.... if that is doable.... ( your phones, your tv-system devices, as much as possible ) to eliminate interference.

There is a pattern in the frequency of the losses... this is key.

Big improvement in the download tho' :slight_smile:

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GM. Here are a few errors I found.

This is from the router partial list.

Yesterday when I was playing solo I had packet loss show up and latency issues. I noticed it going up and down and then stabilize.