WRT32X client + access point configuration

Hi All
This is my first post and I am really struggling to find the configuration that works for what I have in mind, if possible at all.

  1. installed last night on Linksys WRT32X OpenWRT 18.06.2, all good
  2. I am trying to create a configuration with radio1 connecting as a client to another primary router which is the gateway (only 2.4Ghz available, no OpenWrt). I have checked that the subnets are different between WAN and LAN.
    Client Radio1 (2.4Ghz) is in Wan firewall zone and the routing was modified to allow back and forth between zones. I have done that and I appear to be able to connect to the internet while connected via LAN cable. Speed is OK and connection stable.
  3. if I then enable Radio0 at 5Ghz (same physical chipset) as access point, I can see it, connect to it with stable connection but I can no longer access the internet: it appears the client mode Radio1 is not bridged to the Wireless LAN that sits with Radio0 but it clearly is on the cabled ethernet LAN as I can access the web on a cabled client. Both radios appear to be connected but I can't get internet access via the new access point at 5Ghz
  4. ideally I would also like to use Radio1 as an extra WiFi access point to have 2.4Ghz as well in this subnet, as I have clients that should stay in this subnet that only have 2.4Ghz radios.

In essence, how do I make sure that I can use the Linksys WRT32X in client mode but also having wireless client attached to it, with access to web and on the same subnet of the wired clients? Is this possible at all with this router?
I am happy for the Linksys not to be bridged if it is better (or I can consider the bridging for things to be in the same subnet as the primary router but I think that there are problems with multicast packets across the router then and I may not be able to see dlna devices across).

Any help is much appreciated


Have a look at Travelmate

I think for not the situation is not exactly the same as I can connect to 5Ghz Ap and the router connects as client via the 2.4ghz radio (i.e. there is no disconnect of either) but I just get no internet on the 5Ghz but I get it on cabled Lan.
I.e. Both sides remain associated, it's just that network flow is not working right.

I shall look into Travelmate though as that may be useful for the 2.4Ghz ap to be created.

I know it's different problem but Travelmate is a good application for your case.

A STA wifi interface (client of a regular AP) cannot be in a bridge. It will shut down if you try to bridge it. This connection needs to be the wan network by itself, with users of the router on other network(s) such as lan forwarded and NAT'd out to it.

Bridge your AP into the lan network along with the Ethernet users. They will have the same access and be routed out to the Internet via the wan.

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Thank you all.
I shall try later today or after the short holiday break but I believe my missing "link" is the concept of bringing the 5Ghz AP radio (where clients connect to the secondary router) "into the LAN": I agree but that should be the default anyway, for normal usage (i.e. where WAN is provided via a cable) ?Where can I check whether the AP interface is part of the LAN?

For reference I have managed to achieve the result without plugins on this model. The 2.4 GHz has a connection by itself in the WAN firewall area and the 5Ghz is in the LAN. Also, I created a new AP, also in the LAN, using the 2.4Ghz so that radio is both client and AP and it works now. I most likely had some other setting misconfigured the first time.


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