Wrt1900ac V1 or R7000?

I have the netgear R7000 and i also have the linksys wrt1900ac V1 which would be better? I know the r7000 wifi isnt supported. I have open wrt latest version on r7000 with APs. I had a friend telling me the linksys would be better just wanted to get feedback to make sure.

Thank You!

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Suger rt3200 belkin or rpi4 depend ofnutilisation


You might compare any router you're considering to the list of OpenWRT-recommended routers.

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+1 for RT3200 .

WiFi 6, fast processor and lots of ram. Well supported, stable and works. Active development.

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RT3200 is snapshot only.

That might be a show-stopper for some.

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OK so I have three in a mesh. Utterly stable. I get 450Mbit/s between devices in mesh. My main one is connected to LTE modem. I use SQM and VPN. And also rclone to host samba share for scanner. All works perfectly. Entirely stable. Business use.

This router is snapshot because it is so new and one of the few WiFi 6 routers supported. It is going to be added to main release soon.

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And that's fine...if it works for you.

Others may not be comfortable using snapshots.

Until the RT3200 is added to main, there are other choices.

Current list of OpenWRT routers for WiFi6 -

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Sure so it's best choice. 4 LAN ports.

Or do you want something that looks like a UFO:


Anyway you should probably elaborate on what you are looking for in a router. And just because it is supported in release doesn't guarantee stability. For example, the TP Link RE200 is officially supported, but unusable because the 5Ghz wifi is completely broken. I'd keep that in mind.

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we have direct fiber connection into the house 50 up and 50 down. Its used for competitive gaming on pc. We run 3 pcs off the router