WR941nd v2/v3 usb support patches for 20.02


For those who have added usb mod into your wr941nd, you can use the patches in this branch
This is the patch and commit to add usb support.
Remember you need to select these packages (in make menuconfig) for usb to work:

kmod-fs-ext4 (or enable ext4 in kernel)

In case you don't have the hardware modification, you can either refer this or this original source

Here is link to firmware and packages


thanks, i was able to increase the router storage using the firmware you provided on WR941ND-Router-USB-Mod github page, i'm still trying to learn how to build a newer firmware with those patches, i hope that one day i can make it work

Glad you were able to do the hardware mod successfully, you can also use the firmware & packages available at here . Both the firmware and packages are compiled together to avoid errors like satisfy_dependencies_for etc.

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i don't know if this would be too much to ask, but do you happen to have a more recent compiled rom for the WR941nd v3? i like to learn how linux works by messing with the openwrt software, but if i make something wrong with the firmware i'm afraid i lose the router, i installed ubuntu and i got in to the "make menuconfig", but i really don't know what i'm doing :joy: :rofl:

No, I don't have most recent build, so you might want to compile it yourself.
The most recent build i.e 20.02 is unstable because the router will heat up and cause reboot every hour and so. I won't suggest you use that.

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how do you make it work with that version? for me even if i select the 18.06.9 when i try to use the "make menuconfig" the router model doesn't show in "target profile", only others with similar name, for now i will leave this aside, i got a new router so i'm going to use this one instead, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Hi, I have built 20.02 again, everything works fine in it.
Here is the firmware and packages