WR940N-V6-EU installed official firmware 18.06.9, removed some packages but free space become smaller

Original free space is about 92KB

I remove some packages, but free space become smaller. Why ?

My target is to install wpad

So i remove wpad-mini, pppoe, ipv6, etc

But it seems after remove packages , free space become smaller and smaller,

You can't remove any packages or files that have been included in the flashed firmware image.

When you tried to delete the packages, you actually created new "delete marker" files for them. So now you have the original files plus delete markers. Less space free.


Use the image builder, and create an image with the packages you need.

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Thanks for answer.

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Given that your device storage isn't going to get any bigger, while newer release are going to get bigger and bigger and you might not be willing to build an image every time, you might consider getting a device with larger storage space, and repurpose this one as an AP.


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