WPS permanent - how?

I have problem with WPS, after restart the connection is invalid, possibly due to the hostapd-phy0-ap0.psk stored in /var/run/ and not on permanent place. Any suggestions please ?

Nobody is using WPS ?

WPS has largely been deprecated.

See this article which talks about the numerous security issues that were discovered... that is why it is hardly used anymore.

There are really very few, if any reasons to use it these days... the only one I can think of is a scenario where you have a device that doesn't have any other means of providing your wifi credentials. I'd imagine that such a device would be quite old and more than likely would also have serious security vulnerabilities.

Thanks Peter, reading this I wonder why it's still supported then. Anyway, seems there is no permanent option on WPS then.

Yeah, not sure about why, either. But there is also still support for pptp vpn, which is totally unsuitable for use on the internet (and it was even removed from iOS and Mac OS years ago).

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WPS is not used now, if your ruoter have WPS button you can use script or plugin to change RGB led (like smartbox+ router), you can use it as reset button, or wifi on/off...

Yep, I'm using Luci button but it doesn't stick upon restart

WPS largely obsolete ??? ...

Iin France all internet BOX have WPS

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