WiTi Board thoughts

Only yesterday i found out about Mediatek's mt76 driver. Seems very promising to me, so i started searching for the best device with mt76 and LEDE support. The WiTi board seems like an interesting option. Its in the general supported table, but i didn't find any info here. Are there any problems with it and how does it compare to similar mt76 devices?

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I own one, purchased in their initial IndieGoGo campaign. It seemed to work fine, and has a dedicated band of developers improving the firmware.

But... I don't have a good feeling about mqmaker - the manufacturer - and their dedication to this product. Their support is minimal: everything comes through the community. And it's not clear to me that it's possible to purchase new routers.

So my recommendation: Selecting the WiTi means you're in for an adventure, with the potential of lots of effort, to get a board that may perform pretty well. Read all the forums at https://forum.mqmaker.com/

Good luck and have fun, whatever you decide!

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Thanks for the input.
Maybe i will get in to the adventure another time :smiley: , for now i will go with the Borromini's recommendation D-link 860L, its only 50 euros in my country.

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Make sure you get a B1 revision. A1 is a different SoC and not supported.


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