Working OpenWrt image for MQMaker Witi board

I have MQMaker Witi board, not sure which revision it is... on the board it says "MQ-V2.0-20150706" and it has 256MB of ram.

I tried (by mistake) flashing it with 512MB firmware version and that of course didn't work.

Wi-Fi works only with LEDE 17.01 firmware but with OpenWrt 18.06.4 it boots but doesn't show any wifi radios detected.

Also both versions fail to setup /overlay partition so I see 0 free space and no way to make uci / luci changes permanent or to install any package.

Also it doesn't help that MQMaker website has gone down, AFAIK MQMaker company has shutdown.

Does anyone have a working firmware that I could flash my board with? Probably their official firmware, right?

Sorry I think you’re out of luck
Device page lists 17.x being last supported firmware for the 256mb device. 512 still has support

I have updated the dataentry of the 256MB version now to 18.06.4.

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It's still supported in Master, you might experience some instability however.

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