Wireless is not Associated

Linksys 1900 AC OpenWRT v. 19.07.2

Just updated firmware to v above. Both my SSIDs 2.5 & 5.0 wireless networks and openWRT are enabled but all are unavailable (disabled) to my wireless devices "wireless not associated."

How do I associate my wireless SSIDs so I can get my wirerless devices onto the internet?

I had no problem with my wireless access with v 17

Setup your OpenWrt 19.07.2 device manually. It's not safe to upgrade with keeping configs between versions.

To setup manually, Do I need to reinstall. 19.07? My router is showing that the wifi is not active, the leds on the Linksys are not lit. Only the ethernet is active and the led is functioning. Is the router bricked?

No. Just:

Impossible, you're describing a scenario were you're logged into it (I think :confused:). Your only problem is that you're expecting ancient configs to work with a new version of OpenWrt.

For more information about resetting using other methods, see:


I preformed a reset but wireles is disabled even when I enabled it.I changed the SSID from OpenWRT to vortexofdeceit, set the security and enabled it and still nothing. And the OpenWRT project is quite confusing.

Thanks for your help.

Did you ever figure this one out? When I changed the channel to "auto" this stated happening. Changing it back to a pre-selected channel did not help.