Wireguard Site-to-Site LAN access

Hi again,

after getting help here building a site-to-site VPN with Wireguard, I kind of accomplished that, but it's still running not quite as I wanted...

The setup is: two sites with an Internet Router each (Fritzbox 7490 / 7590) and on each site a 2nd router with OpenWRT for the VPN (Fritzbox 4040).

After setting it up like being told here OpenWrt & Wireguard Site-to-Site it basically works, I can reach the Internet Router and OpenWRT router on the respective other sites, plus I can access machines via Remote Access (RDP and VNC) over the Wireguard VPN. So far so good.

What does not work however is any kind of networking as in a local LAN, i.e. I can't ping any (Windows-) machines on the other site (pinging the routers works, though!) and I can't access them either with


nor with


PCs running Windows 7 and Windows 10 doesn't seem to make a difference, there is just no way to do any file-/folder sharing over the Wireguard VPN.

I have a hunch it might have something to do with the OpenWRT Firewall, but really got no expertise how to fix it.

Have you tried disabling the windows firewall to test?

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Thanks for hint, I guess I should have thought of that myself... indeed it works with Windows Firewall turned off, I can ping and connect via IP to shares on the other site.

But I don't want to run without the firewall obviously, so any ideas on what ports I'd have to open to make it workk with the Windows Firewall?

Windows firewall should already have the appropriate rules, you just need to enable them. Check for inbound rules for File and Printer sharing.

Okay, I guess I figured it out. Added the respective remote subnet to a bunch of firewall rules under "remote IP adress".

Thanks again for the hint!

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