Wireguard setup: Mullvad Client + Server for Android

Holy sh*t!!! It works!!! Connecting over WLAN in my network:mullvad says it is connected Connecting via LTE: Mullvad say connected. Also can access my devices over LTE! Man, thank you so much!

There are two things I have to find out now: how to let some devices not use the tunnel (this already worked with VPN PBR plugin for me, but I am not sure if this can be combinated with your rules easily) and then I really need some time and maybe explanation, why this works.

See: in different forums (like in the one from my link) it's said the firewall don't like to route from WAN to VPN. So now all my devices are part of a new virtual LAN (eth0.3). Why this helps here? Also, my new firewall rules only say, that routing from LAN2 to VPN is fine, but why the routing from the VPN server Phone) works? Can you explain this to me in some simple words? Especially the routing rules. "Option in", and "dest" are clear, but what does "lookup" and "table"? I would really love to understand this and avoid asking noob questions next time.

I will also write down everything I did following your guide in a small structured text to allow others to found it and post my config files.

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