Wireguard - configuring windows client

Hello everyone!

I have a question about Wireguard. I installed server on my router. Configured client on my phone. Now I'm trying to configure client on my windows laptop and getting stuck...

Should I put the same IP address as I did in the phone or I need to assign different one? (

Do I need to generate new set of keys? Or use the same private-public?

Sorry - I'm total newbie to this... If someone can point me to good guide, I would appreciate it.


A new one. But it must match the peer config on the other side (i.e. on the router), so you should create a new peer there.

A new set of keys for the Windows peer. The OpenWrt peer will still use the same private key, and you'll transfer the public key from the OpenWrt side to the Windows peer config (public key).


Thanks for such clear instructions!

you're welcome!

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