Win a brand new Unifi 6 Lite by enabling the built-in Bluetooth

Make the built-in Bluetooth functional in the Unifi 6 Lite Access Point with OpenWRT and I will ship you a brand new Unifi 6 Lite Access Point, or wire you the equivalent in money.

Background, I have spent the last month learning about:

  1. Device Tree Specification;
  2. Building Device Drivers for Linux;
  3. Researching about embedded Systems;

However I am going to give up. Having a family, a job and very little time, does not allow me to continue with this endeavor. So I am putting it out there for somebody more competent than me to help and be rewarded for it.

If you are interested please see more info here:

Note: I have the best intentions with this post, but there may be the possibility that I am breaking some forum rule that is unknown to me. I state here that I have no insidious intent.