Will this OpenWrt's Archer c50 v5 US download work on my Archer c50?

Comparing the v1 and v5 on the hardware detail page here shows that the one I ordered is actually the v1 listed on that page.
I don't mean the v1 listed on OpenWrt's hardware table.
The v5 entry on the hardware table is the only that matches the one I ordered.
But the one I ordered is actually the v1 listed sellection on that hardware detail page.
OpenWrt links to here.
It has both an Archer C50 V1 and Archer C50 V5 option in the drop-down.
The link defaults to that page's V5 option.
But what I ordered was that page's V1 option.
Will OpenWrt's v5 option work on that model's v1 option?
I can't use OpenWrt's v1 option on it, as OpenWrt's v5 option on it is the only one for the model I ordered.

The sticker on the back of the device should tell you what version it is.

OpenWrt's entry for v5 is the only one of the model I bought.
So I had to ask since the one I bought matches the v1 listed on the TP-Link page, and not the v5 on that page that OpenWrt was apparently referring to.

I had assumed OpenWrt's entries for 1, 3, and 4 wouldn't work because of them being for an entirely different model of the Archer c50.
This is the Archer c50 I bought.
The only OpenWrt entry for that model that matches the model I bought is OpenWrt's entry for v5.
And the way the led's look matched the v1 option from this page.

Have you studied the openwrt wiki page for the Archer C50, see link below, and tried searching the forum too ?


C50 v5 is supported but I also understand a new C50 v6 is on sale and it is not yet fully supported - wifi issues.

I have gone through that link.
v1, v3, and v4 on that link are all the white model.
The only one matching what I bought is the v5.
However the v1 option dropdown shown on the oem page for it is exactly what I bought.
Assuming the seller used the correct picture.

C50 v1 appeared from 2015, and is a model with 2 external aerials
C50 v3 and v4 (and v6) are white models with 4 external aerials.

C50 v5 and A5 v5 went on sale from 2018 and are similar in style to original v1 model with 2 external aerials. I have corrected the mistake in the first paragraph of the openwrt wiki page which incorrectly stated it has 4 antennas.

OpenWrt wiki page does contain instructions for C50 v5 and A5 v5.

For v4 and v5 models, you MUST build your own 'install' image as detailed in the Openwrt wiki, to convert the router from OEM to OpenWrt. Links to prebuilt 19.07.3 install images are also available in the wiki page which you can try at your own risk.

See also:


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Turns out the seller used the wrong picture,
it actually is the v5 listed on OpenWRT.
Although I doubt anyone else would have cared enough to compare the pictures.

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