Archer c50 v5 US

So looking into the differences between the TP-Link Archer C50 models.

The current US model is a v5, while EU is v4. Jumping into device wiki the v3 (EU) and v5 (only N America) seem to have roughly the same chip specs:



For certain the v1 and v4 used slightly different cpu chips and the v2 was drastically different.

So curious, I’m willing to give it a shot, what are the thoughts on how likely the v3 firmware would work on the v5 (I’d link to the openwrt page but it won’t let me)

The chances are higher, if the image is accepted in the first place, to brick and/ or permanently damage the device (it's very easy to destroy the router's wi-fi calibration data this way, which breaks the WLAN cards for good) that way. Embedded devices, like routers, aren't generic and auto-discoverable, there is no BIOS/ UEFI, no ACPI nor even a standardized bootloader. Even if the hardware of your device would be 100% identical, chances for a differing flash partitioning are high, which would not take flashing a wrong firmware image lightly.

Ok fair enough. Part of the reason to ask was to understand what manufacturers do across hw variations.

So if I understand this right. The main thing here is to be able to build a binary image but in a way that preserves part of the config:

Is that as simple as preserving mtd5, mts6, mtd7, mtd8 in the binary file;

I’d be surprised if the boot loader itself writes the flash differently if the same chip is used as another rev, but I could be wrong.

I’m willing to do some of the legwork here and even try to do some of the work with a little guidance.

No, the OEM config doesn't matter - but stuff needed for OpenWrt (bootloader, bootloader environment and wi-fi calibration data) or fir potentially reverting back to the OEM firmware do.

No, not by far.

Be surprised, it's very common - in particular with TP-Link.

Maybe time to read through the developer documents and see what I can try out about the Archer v1, v3, v4 and start looking at the v5 modifications and whether I am able to do these reliably.

Thanks for the information.