Add Archer C50 v5

I just read on the forum that @brunosmmm has got C50 v5 is working with OpenWrt using sysupgrade image from C50 v4

Would it be possible for someone to create a device page for the C50 v5 and update the table which appears in the C50 wiki page?

Thanks in advance.

If you know all the required data for the C50 v5, you can create a new dataentry via (need to be logged in to the wiki to be able to create a new dataentry).

The datatables on the devicepage will automatically show C50 v5 once the dataentry has been created.

hi, thanks for pointing me in right direction.

I created a new data entry page, but made a mistake when prompted to enter 'version' number. I originally inputted '5' instead of 'v5'. It has created a page with URL ending in '5#' instead of 'v5':

I have corrected that now to v5.

Regarding the missing OpenWrt download links: Can you please add them?

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Thanks for fixing my error.

I wasn't sure whether to add the C50 v4 sysupgrade download links which is why I left the download links blank. I've now added them as you suggested.

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