WikiDevi going down soon


from chatter on IRC I've noticed that WikiDevi is going to shutdown soon but it appears that they've made available their database contents at - I wonder if this could help to improve our ToH.

@tmomas - any thoughts on it?


I know that the owner of wikidevi does not have the time or power any more to keep it running, but that he wants to shut it down completely is new to me.

I have faint memories of something I read on wikidevi: It has been created because there was no such thing.

I find it incredibly usefull, not only for OpenWrt, but for every project that needs in depth hardware information.

My opinion: wikidevi must not die. I would even go as far as offering myself as the new admin who takes care of the data and keeps it in shape.

Regarding the data: We should keep a copy.

@aparcar can you make use of the wikidevi data in the new devicepages?


if you get to that point, remember to do one thing: restrict page editing to registered users only

Files at do not seem to be very recent, perhaps the maintainer could make a new dump from the database.

If you like we could work a bit more on that, it'd need a proper style, a mail motivating the devs that the commit message of new devices contains yaml describing the device and maybe this patch to allow direct image linking

Very useful site. Would appreciate any efforts to keep it living on through OpenWrt

2 Likes seems to contain up-to-date data. Grepping for 2019 in the resulting 720MB xml file shows edits up to yesterday.


As a frequent contributor to wikidevi I was unaware of an impending shutdown. I have been making contributions on an almost daily basis and the front page of the website makes no mention of a shutdown. I am aware of some recent controversy of a frequent contributor who was trying to impose their own idea organization to other contributors. Please provide links to talk of an impending shutdown!

UPDATE -- Wow! Just now noticed the header on all pages. Guess I needn't contribute any longer unless we can find another site to host the content.


more info?

Now that is very sad. WikiDevi is a very helpful service.

Maybe we could run it alongside the OpenWRT Wiki, or get a sponsor like AWS/Azure


I think we can host it, at least temporarily using OpenWrt infrastructure - if there is interest from the side of the current maintainer. Obviously anybody can simply take the data dumps and bring the site back online, but that might lead to some unwanted fragmentation.


Any efforts towards keeping wikidevi's data alive and accessible would be highly appreciated, I only found out about the impending shutdown just now. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it incredibly useful in this community. Simply re-hosting their data would be a very good starting point. If it's possible, integrating wikidevi's data would also be greatly helpful for openwrt's "Table of Hardware: Full details" wiki page.

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what is the site in the note at the top now ( TechInfoDepot ? )

anyone used it before?

@anon50098793 nope but it looks like it has more than 8k entries

wikidevi has always been a very valuable source of information, beyond the narrower scope of OpenWrt itself. I frequent it very often for devices that aren't supported by OpenWrt (respectively even if I don't even have an idea if OpenWrt supports it), to get a rough idea if the device could be supported at all (e.g. SOC, wireless, flash/ RAM, etc. - most importantly, FCC IDs and links to the FCC reports/ images). Given that its focus is more targeted on the hardware itself, beyond 'just' OpenWrt, it has a lot of contributors even for devices which will never get OpenWrt support (and for which a device page in the OpenWrt wiki wouldn't really make sense), which makes it a very valuable resource before considering the next step of getting OpenWrt running (or running to the hills for another device).


Apparently the admin of that site is trying to manually copy & paste all the info from wikidevi to their new site page by page.

If its going down that is extremely bad news, wikidevi is a big factor in the recent surge of openwrt popularity as its providing a lot of useful documentation for openwrt.

I really dont understand why projects just get pulled suddenly instead of reaching out to communities for help, the help would surely be provided.

Is it already down? I have been waiting to connect to it for the past two minutes in browser.

I just noticed the "end" of wikidevi message on the site. For me (and i think a lot of users) wikidevi is vital and so is its content. Is there anything "we", let me rephrase, "i" can do to help? I'm not very familiar with web development; is it possible for a guest to grab the contents of the site?

wget -mirror might help.

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