WikiDevi going down soon

techinfodepot seems to be the new wikidevi.


I'm not exactly sure if something hosted on pretty much random free (as in free beer) hosting should be ultimately trusted as source of valuable data.

Sadly one day before original deadline is down :frowning:

Techinfodepot is built on wikidevi data.

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given that there is an idiot that constantly reverts updated info it is better that it goes down and don't come back anymore. site admin is not quite smart to limit editing to registered user

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The Wayback Machine (aka Internet Archive project)'s last snapshot of wikidevi was taken in 2019 10 22

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final dumps should become available at
the site was up till yesterday

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The dumps at appear to be the most recent.

This resource is built on the latest dump of the project database:

Do you have a contact with someone who manages the page? The Create Account link is broken because the Captcha question is never displayed and there doesn't seem to be a link to contact anyone if you don't have an account.

Promise to fix by the end of January, alas - more information yet I have no.

you can try again now, I think it's fixed.

Thank you, it worked and I've made my 1st contribution!

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I'm finding that appears to be a much more coherent replacement for wikidevi. In fact redirecting all links to should just work. And I will be continuing my contributions there.