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I'm trying to create a new Wiki device but before proceeding with more editing, I was wondering how I can create a new image namespace for such device within that brand.


I don't see in that guide how can I create a new namespace. There is a given set of namespaces, and there are subnamespaces for certain brand model. But I don't find how to create such subnamespaces for the specific brand model.

Basically what I've done is going into the brand namespace, and then on the title doing the model:name_of_the_file.png

And it has worked :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have made a mistake. How can I remove this two now?

The same works for model:yourmodel.jpg

The model namespace is optional. If there is only one image, just put it in the brand namespace.

Done, deleted.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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For deletion, this could only be possibly done with a certain level of management in the wiki, right? Or I could have deleted them by myself?

That's correct.

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