Wifi 6 IPQ6000 Support

What is the status of OpenWRT supporting WIFI 6 models? Most of these are Chinese made, have some forked version on OpenWRT on them already from the manafacture or chipset provider, but are not in the official OpenWRT.

Example, ZBT has an QUALCOMM IPQ6000 based Wi-Fi 6 Router, but I don't see IPQ6000 even an target in OpenWRT.

as far as I know no one has started working on it yet.

EDIT: I mean the IPQ6000

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There are a few MT7915 models supported already: Linksys EA8450, Ubiquiti UniFi Lite 6, and another brand I'm forgetting.

An OpenWrt based SDK unfortunately doesn't mean anything. Those are ubiquitous, but they're based on old OpenWrt versions and supplied by the likes of Qualcomm etc.

See https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_available_16128_ax-wifi

Might also be of interest (please search yourself for IPQ60 in this topic):


So does Qualcomm product their own version of OpenWRT?

No, they offer a software development kit (SDK) for vendors to build their firmware on. That SDK is meant for OEMs like Netgear, TP-Link and the likes, who then adapt it and skin it etc.

Is this what codeaurora is? Is codeaurora the official Qualcomm SDK?

hello, just found this router based on IPQ6000 with OpenWrt inside:

and even GL.inet is selling their new router :

As linked to in Wifi 6 IPQ6000 Support - #4 by tmomas , IPQ6k will take some time.

At those prices, the Linksys EA8450/Belkin RT3200 is a better purchase, and faster.

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Honestly, IPQ6k pricing is completely wrong as long as you can get IPQ807x for less than it and not be limited by 2x2.

QCA crippled it but then they also made IPQ8070/1A which effectively made IPQ6k redundant


I recently bought a ZBT-Z6001AX with OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 22.1101_141831 with 4.4.60 kernel.
The chip used is IPQ6000 and I was wondering if there has been any progress in supporting this chip/router.
The seller describes this router as a WL6001AX-M2-T.

Recently received a full refund from Alibaba as the router is unfit for purpose and insecure because the firmware cannot be upgraded and is very old.

That was actually very generous of them.

Alibaba paid up but the case was proven. The supplier fought like hell but was defeated.

But, then it is WL6xxx or Z6xxx ?

OpenWRT firmware reports that it is a ZBT-Z6001AX but the supplier sold it to me as WL6001AX-M2-T.

You tell me which is correct. I think it has two names.

I don't know , I only want to buy a Z6xxx with 5G
(I mean SIM card, not about 5Ghz support), and I am not sure about if it is a real openwrt router or not.

The one I have uses a 5G sim but it's a very old version of OpenWRT and you can't upgrade because the IPQ6000 chip isn't supported.

And it's looking like it may never be supported. I am keeping my eyes open for a replacement that is supported.

I tried updating the firmware with opkg update but I just see a lot of errors either 404 not found or signature check failed. Removed wrong signature file.