Why does ctrl-F hijack search?

Pressing ctrl-F on this forum hijacks search which is supper annoying. I want to use my browser's fast search, not the slow search built into the forum. I need to do ctrl-f twice to get my browser's search.

It works as expected here... (Chrome 63).

It happens on threads with a large number of posts. I get the reasoning, but it's just very annoying.

Just an observation, with Safari I can force the default browser search by going via the Edit->Find->Find menu detour, BUT that is not really that helpful as it will only search the currently "active" view into a topic, so with long threads it will NOT search the full thread but only a somewhat hard to guess subset around the currently visible post. The Forum search does allow to restrict the scope of the search to the current topic by a checkbox aptly named "Search this topic", BTW.
I wonder whether one can force a load of the full thread?

Try pressing Ctrl F two times.

I tried Ctrl F on this page but it did not happen it worked as expected (not enough posts I guess). I followed the link Discourse taking over Ctrl-F (Above post by @buckaroo) and Ctrl F 2 times worked there.

I'm using FireFox 57

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Actually Ctrl F with the using the browser is kind of useless because when you load a page with a bunch posts not all posts are loaded into the browser so it might not find all of what your looking for.

Maybe if you go to the end of the page and let it load the whole page it will work properly ?

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That was the reason for Discourse to impement this CTL-F hijacking.

No, it will not. Read the discussion linked above to see the details.

@tmomas I did and I did not notice that oh well Thanks for the info

Also I just tried my advice and it did not work

Is it possible to have the "this topic only" ticked by default ? Or to swap the keys for browser and forum search ? i.e. Ctrl-F for browser and Ctrl-F twice for forum.

If you press CTRL+F once it opens the forum search, If you press CTRL+F twice it opens your browsers search which is useless as stated above.

My workaround for Firefox was to add the Find icon to the Firefox toolbar.

Makes it pretty clear which one (browser or forum) does what, and with one click.

Tested in the Adblock support thread and works as expected.