Which official build recommend for the Rpi4?

Which official build do people recommend for the Rpi4, 21.02.03, or 22.03.0-rc1?

Pros/cons? I'd rather be on kernel 5.10 even though the Rpi OS 64-bit is on 5.15 (running 5.10.x on my main router WRT32X with ~165 day uptime), but of course we have nftabels testing concerns in the release candidates right now. Leaning towards stable but curious what people think. Thanks.

I would also like to know

Of the ones you listed, 21.02.03 is the only stable version.

I'm not sure why you're considering a release candidate (the first one at that) to run permanently on your device...is it just because of the kernel version?

If so, just install 21.02.03 - and when 22.03.0 is released, install that.

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Unless that involves breaking changes in config files?

And that would be unknown until tested or announced in the release.

Well nothing is perminant, I update builds regularly on the rpi4, moving through the rc's with each release. I tested 21.02.3 it actually worked perfect for a couple days. Now I'm trying wolfy's new build on didn't realize when I asked that he still puts new ones on github.

Btw, lol at moving my question out of the Rpi community thread, they really want that one to close :smiley:

I was of the opinion that your question was a general one, unrelated to the topic. In addition to this, I was unaware that he is still creating new builds.

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I just figured the builds were dead so I'd ask there for the Rpi4 expertise on that thread. Been using my Rpi4 as a project/tester and to overhaul the wiki page over last couple days.

Now I know he's uploaded new builds to github which work very well since they have the necessary packages and settings included for dual nic which the official build lacks.

In the end think I'll just use asu.aparcar.org to add usb3 ethernet adapter drivers necessary to get it running easier.

I'd rather test 22.03 before it releases, close to release, than to have to start complaining about what's broken after it gets released.

Makes a lot of sense to test RCs, that's what they are for after all.


True...I make that note from a recent thread...there's a lot of 22.03 devices that have sysupgrade warnings...

That information has not been posted anywhere as of yet, that I can recall...

I still have the doubt that version of snapshot is "stable" since I use the qosify package and it is only in snapshot but not in stable