Where is the PORT Mapping and Virtual server in menù router Zbtlink ZBT-WR8305RT

hi, I have a Zbtlink ZBT-WR8305RT router with LEDE firmware Reboot 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-18.061.17832-d092772)
I need to interface with this router a remote control ethernet card: to be able to use it I need to configure it with an external dynamic host dns (type no -ip, ddns, dyndns ecc.ecc) Unfortunately I do not know well the menus of this router and not I know where to set the number 8099 on an external and internal port of the Port Mapping and on the VIRTUAL SERVER I have to set the IP address of the ethernet card. In addition to dynamic DNS, I have to set up dynamic dns data. could someone tell me which menu should I use?


ok I understand that I have to open the firewall menu.
but I have to insert these parameters of the figure in the following link

how should i do?

Try https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/ddns/client for initial guidance

You will go to Network-Firewall and click on Port Forwards tab. Scroll to the bottom where there is New port forward. There add the details and hit the green Add button. I think the descriptions above are quite self explanatory. You will have to Save and Apply the configuration to activate it.

Ok, in the port foward I did not understand just what IP address I have to put in the internal IP: If the ethernet card, the host or the main router?
Then In which menu should you go to enter the hostname created with (NO-IP) the domain and the username? I noticed that this router does not have a list of dns servers (DYSDNS, NO-IP, etc.)

This is exactly what the page you posted says to do:

# in /etc/config/firewall
config redirect             
    option target 'DNAT'
    option src 'wan'
    option proto 'tcp'
    option src_dport '8099'
    option dest_port '8099'
    option name 'Zeno'
    option dest 'lan'
    option dest_ip ''

OK thanks! I followed your answers and I'm proceeding step by step. I do not understand what "DNAT option target" means
should I put the host name of the domain created on NO -IP?
Then I went to the "SOFTWARE" router menu and downloaded the "luci-app-ddns" package
I saw that in the "SERVICE" router menu where initially there was only "Asterisk", now after the installation appeared "Dinamic DNS".
But I do not see the list of DNS servers.
I want to specify that I have created a free 30-day account on the NO -IP site but the result of my host name is: zeno.ddns.net


These are two separate instructions.

  • Please follow how to add the firewall rule for port forwarding
  • Then install the Dynamic DNS software and follow those configurations, pick a provider, etc.

I'm lost on why you're mixing the port forward and Dynamic DNS as one.

I repeat my conditions:
I have a ZBT WE1626 router with LUCI firmware
and a LAN ethernet card with two relays connected to the network (the cameras switch on and off in the garage).
The ethernet card has an internal webpage where you must set: gateway, subnet mask, ip address and port. In addition to these webpage network parameters, the webpage also has two simple on / off icons with two LED symbols. It's very easy to use it from the browswer of the pc (mozilla, Internet explorer google chrome,): you write your IP in the URL and the command window appears. Up to here everything is simple.
This ethernet card also has an Android app to work remotely. But with the application requires that you create a DYNAMIC DNS on (NO -IP, DYSDNS etc. etc.). I created it on NO -IP which is free for 30 days.
Then, go to the Virtual Server router menu (of PORT Mapping) and set the port number of the ethernet card (8099), and the ip address of the ethernet card
Then go to the DINAMIC DNS router menu and set: the name of the service provider (NO-IP) the domain name registered hostname (zeno.ddns.net) the username (zeno@xxx.it) and the password.

My problem is that this router WE1626 has the openwrt LUCI firmware that is in Linux and I do not understand anything.
If it had been another traditional Router in the windows environment I would have had less difficulty.
Up until now I realized that my router WE1628 had not installed either the DNS DYNAMIC (I downloaded the package lights-app-ddns) nor the specific package of the dns of NO -IP (I downloaded the package ddns-scripts_no-ip .com)
I did well?

  • I haven't heard of a Micro$oft router (with "port mapping") since ISA Server.

2010 / 10 October 2011; 7 years ago

Just install them.

  • LuCI is not firmware, please give version of OpenWrt
  • I highly advise you not open a webcam to the Public, unless you're OK with that

I meant a commercial router where they set up easily (Netgear, TP-link, D-link etc. etc.).
It's the first time I use an open-wrt router
The packages lights-app-ddns and ddns-scripts_no-ip_com
I have already installed them.
The version of openwrt is:
LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-18.061.17832-d092772)
the kernel is 4.4.92
The ethernet card only controls the power on and off of the camera power supply, while the video stream remains in the local network to the NVR and is not sent to the public network

I went into the DYNAMIC DNS settings there are 2 possibilities:
IPv4 and IPv6. I put the check "enable" in IPv4 then click on the green "START" icon of the Process ID Start / Stop menu and click on "modify" set all parameters: (lockup hostname, IP adress version IPv4, DDNS provider service NO-IP , Domain (the same as the hostname lockup) Username and password), click on save and apply but I can not save. I go back and in the menu "Last Update / Next Update" indicates me "Never stopped"

What is there in the logs about this?
You can find it in Status - System Log.
Also post a screenshot of the DDNS settings page, after you wipe out the sensitive details, like passwords.

I enter the settings and take pictures

No pictures of the logs please. Copy and paste here using preformatted text.

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Screenshot_2019-02-03%20LEDE%20-%20LuCI Screenshot_2019-02-03%20LEDE%20-%20Port%20Forwards%20-%20LuCI(1)

oh sorry! the picture is very small