Where is mkimage set?

In what part of the config files is the mkimage defined in (to use it or not use it) to generate the uimage header for uboot?

i have a dlink dir-862l that uses uboot, and i want to add support to it. i use a similar cpu device like dap-2695, but because of new bootloader it does not use uboot. i want to test out the 2695 image but with a uimage header. i can clarify more if someone wants to answer my question. thanks


i mean when i run make V=99 i see mkimage being called or not called (depending on what device i set), where is that defined? some makefile? i dont think its the dts because its just appended to the end of the kernel image then lzma'ed


Which device are you interested?

Here for example is the uImage recipe used that @musashino mentioned for the dir-806l:

thanks I got it to work. its for dlink dir-862l

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