What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?

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Compared to the Pi 4, this chip seems to support AES, which I believe its an issue for OpenWRT if is missing.


How can we get support for this chip and this device?

At that price, donating a couple is feasible.

Please use this topic only for recommendations.
For questions like "how do we get this device supported" please open a new topic.



Ive just setup a TP-link Archer A7 to my brother, seems like a cheap AP/router to me. I really liked that I could make a physical antenna port by myself so that he can use his old 2,4 GHz antenna :grinning: Just had to buy an RP-SMA to uFL 20 cm cable and attach it to the "motherboard" and attach it to the case after using a small saw for plastic :ok_hand:

Next time I need a cheap AP/router device I will probably buy a TP-link Archer C7 due to the fact that it is cheaper and it has 2 USB-ports :thinking:

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please, provide link.