New router for 700Mbit / $25

What router with gigabit ethernet (It's supposed to be used on a ~700 Mbit/s internet access) would you recommend for about 25 € and if this isn't possible for this price the cheapest option?

It's supposed to be used for Internet routing and Wifi only, 2.4 GHz Wifi is enough.

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Sorry, but these requirements don't match up with your budget. Even a bad solution will cost you at least twice that (plus customs fun and taxes added on top, so in practice you end up with at least 3 times that much), with reasonable choices starting around 4-8 times your budget. Routing performances above 200-400 MBit/s require highend devices, which unsurprisingly come at highend costs, before even starting with 700 MBit/s (or anything close to that) over the 2.4 GHz band.


I'm currently using an old DLINK router with 100M ports and wanted a device which gives me better performence (Doesn't have to be the full 700 Mbit/s) via Ethernet (Speed via Wifi doesn't matter), what's the best cheap solution for that?

A cheap mt7621 device (for example, Xiaomi has a few) might just fit into that budget and will do 700 mbit with hw flow offloading enabled just fine. Just don't expect to be able to use SQM at those speeds though.


Those start around 45 EUR (the twice the budget option), plus customs and taxes (so three times the budget).

30 dollar:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

again, 30 dollar:

31 euro:

So that's already three options slightly over his budget, but nothing major, since 30 bucks is a tiny bit more than 26 euros. Depending on country, customs and taxes won't be too major. Here in The Netherlands it would be 21% extra, but more often than not you never end up getting the bill for this.


Look at
the nano[pi r2s might be up your ally then, it is cheap and should allow some things up to 700mbps. BUT it is not a real OpenWrt supported device yet, and I do not believe it does wifi at all, but you could try to re-purpose your old wifi-router as access point?

But in general I agree with @slh, it is hard to do Gbps-class networking at your desired price point.


It is best to increase the budget.

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