Cheap router wanted with GigabitEthernet + AC wifi

Hey guys,

In 2020 what is the go to cheap OpenWRT router?


  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 802.11ac
  • >128MB RAM
  • Preferably multi-core
  • No Broadcom chip
  • <60euro

The Xiaomi Mi Router 3g was, in my opinion the best affordable router that ticked all these boxes. I own 2.

Unfortunately you can't get them now, Xiaomi stopped producing them and its successor (Mi 4a, often rebranded as 3g v2) is not as good and you have either to rely on a software vulnerability to flash it or have to open it up since it doesn't have USB.

What is the recommendation these days?

This is also an MT7621 based router

There is an OpenWRT build for it:

It has some quirks - search the forum.


I also would appreciate any 2020 recommendations as well; looking for something cheap to replace my really really old wrt54g which finally died.

What's a good readily available cheap router for an old non-power user like myself?

I mentioned that in the original message. It's no longer available.

The ones you can find to buy right now are rebranded Mi Router 4a's (as 3g v2). They have half the RAM, flashing them is not straightforward and according to the wiki they have some major connectivity issues.

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Here is what I think is a good deal in the US:

Been turned on/looked at by Trendnet

Simple OEM web flash to install. Don't have to open the case or pony up for a USB/serial interface

Maybe state a little clearer that you mean the Mi A4 Gigabit and not the non-Gigabit, which just has fast-Ethernet... I'm running 2 as simple APs with fast Roaming and for that use case they're great. You don't even need luci then, so RAM and FLASH isn't a concern for me. That's just what you get when you pay less then 30 €...

But you're right installing openwrt on those (if you do use the one in the wiki, it's most stable) is not too straight forward...

If you are in EU the linksys EA6350 is on sale on for 29.99GBP. If you don't plan to use ipv6 which is currenlty borken, it is a great option. Last time ordered it was the v3 one.

but there's a risk you get the EA6350 v4 not supported by openwrt - although the SOC is MT7621 with tens of supported models based on the same....

True, thanks for the warning. I ended up ordering one of those on sale and luckily it is a v3 again.

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