What's your favorite enthusiast LEDE/OpenWrt device?

tp-link 6088/6086

you can use two 2.5gb transceivers in the BPI R3 :

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Divide and conquer…

If you want the best of the best of the best, with money being secondary, you'll split the functionality into router, managed switch and AP(s), each being best for their job (and all of them can run OpenWrt).


True, but I don't mind having less CPU performance, for example, by having all these devices together

Thanks, @eginnc and @fakemanhk


interested to see your solar power setup as well

Asus AX-54

So far so good, not expensive and quite reliable, even in snapshot firmware.

Proxmox virtualised :slight_smile:

For portable, I’ve been really pleased with GLInet devices.

For standalone, the Protecli/Qotom style boxes work very nicely. Unfortunately I find a lot of off the shelf devices aren’t powerful enough for the Gig PPPoE we (madly…) have in Europe.

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Recently got an Acemagician AD03 for $120 with an Intel N95. Proxmox as the host OS, running OpenWrt as an LXC container. It can easily do cake SQM at gigabit speeds and has plenty of resources left over for running some docker containers like Unifi controller, jellyfin, frigate, minecraft server.