What's your favorite enthusiast LEDE/OpenWrt device?

you can't get it from Amazon.com ? i live in France, it is not available here but i can order it from amazon.com, looks like they deliver outside US.

No I mean the latest mainstream releases. Currently, 10 devices all POE power and all running 22.03.4


Previously the seller doesn't ship, now they seem to ship it but including the shipping/tax it will become 50% more expensive than WAX206 in Japan.

And frankly speaking I can pay more to get Buffalo WXR-5950AX12 which has 2x10G port, that one looks more promising.

Banana Pi BPI-R4 SBC/Router unveiled w/dual 10G SFP+ Ports

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The updated R4 board will come with SFP+ optical cages capable of 10G of bandwidth. As for the four Ethernet ports plus a WAN port, they are expected to support 2.5G throughput speeds. On top of all mentioned, the new board will support the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard compared with the R3 with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.


So much depends on the specific environment, but in my use case I found the E8450/RT3200 had better WiFi performance at longer range than the DL-WRX36. I also found the Reyee RG-E5 to have the best WiFi performance at longer range out of these three.

No doubt about it though, the Dynalink DL-WRX36 has CPU and memory under its hood in spades for gateway and routing tasks.

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…Yet another day, where Germany feels located at the atmost rear back of beyond, where fox and rabbit bid each other good night everyday: No RT3200, no E8450, no WRX-36 in shops, no reasonably priced x86 firewall appliances in ok-condition in auctions. But yeah, we do have some Internet.

May I ask, to mention the country where people can actually buy Dynalink WRX 36?

I bought two on amazon.de, they might come back.

Snagged a Trustwave TS-25 off ebay.de for 25€.

You just need to get lucky.




Netgear WAX206 is available in Germany right now. It’s a lot comparable to the Linksys E8450 or Belkin RT3200. Please have a look: https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/wax206

Netgear XR500 as direct successor to the proven mature R7800 is available in Germany, too.

The Linksys E8450 is available at Amazon USA, you just need to wait for shipping and customs and get a matching EU 230 V power supply. No big deal either.

If you're considering this, you might just as well buy the WRX36.

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I didn’t consider, I bought.

In the meantime I found the Netgear WAX206. I think WAX206 is a good EU recommendation with better antennae, 2.5 Gbps Realtek WAN interface and more robust ability to flash and unbrick via nmrpflash.

DL-WRX36: the hardware looks good to me. But I am not so sure about the maturity and OpenWrt development outlook of Qualcomm ipq807x. Mediatek mt7622 is more open from what I can read.

The community will decide which platform attracts more users and developers.

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Based on forum activity, the WRX receive a lot more attention.

But it's also a lot harder to flash, why there's (perhaps) more posts about it.

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Thanks for the link and the suggestion I just got one of these AP3825i for cheap on ebay. Both sets of instructions are rough. I mostly followed This one but I ended up having to install a TFTP-HPA server on my computer to send the file. This is not as user friendly as I have been used to for many years with OpenWRT.
Are you using yours as just an access point? or are you also using it as the main router?
I haven't set it up yet and Luci seems a bit sluggish.

I agree, the instructions are bad and it's a little more involved than a GUI flash like some of the others. I think it is fairly easy on Windows though. PuTTY for the terminal, and Tfpd64 for the transfer and then copy/paste.

I'm using them as dumb AP's. I have had no issues as they are enterprise grade hardware.

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I just picked up two brand new Linksys EA8300 for under £40 including delivery on Ebay (UK).

So far I've set up OpenWrt 22.03.5 on one of them and it's doing a good job on my 300Mbps fibre connection. I'm intending to use the second one to play with extending the coverage - probably with WDS?

For the money I reckon that's pretty good.

Oh yeah and I want to try adding a 3/4G USB dongle as a backup uplink - anyone any pointers on this?

Huawei, ZTE or Alcatel USB LTE sticks, usually cheap on ebay or Amazon.


What kind of wifi speeds are you seeing with the BPI-R3?

hi, there is a review here : https://wiki.junicast.de/en/junicast/review/bananapi-BPI-R3

he says :

I was not able to utilize 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band at the same time. So if this is going to work some day you can expect to break through the one gigabit/s threshold. You can say that the wireless results are ok for single band only. It peaked at around 900 Mbit/s but overall it was around 600 Mbit/s on average.

This is a traffic graph of the 5GHz interface during an iperf3 test.



Is there a better Filogic 830 based wifi-router available which has 2 2.5GB internet ports?