Looking for "best overall" OpenWrt router with a USB port (2023)

Hello, I am looking for the BEST (overall) router to install OpenWRT as of today, which one would you recommend? I have to say that the price is not a problem, I just want to have the best, or one of the best. I need to, and obviously to have the most functionalities of OpenWRT in the router your recommend me.

Edit: I need one with USB for Samba and another things if possible

Could you help me?


if the price is not a problem go for an X86 device.

Sorry for my ignorance, but, what is an X86 Device?

Would be helpful if you send me some amazon links or another options, i have checked "X86 Router" in google and... 250~€ couldnt be an option, lets say a 100~/150~€ device, p.e.

Thanks for your reply!

It's a PC.

You just said price wouldn't be a problem ?

Might want to define BEST.


Sorry, with

i meant i dont have problem buying a "mega router", i need a router, not a Mini PC at all, power saving problems.

But i have to ask, whats the difference between an X86 device and "the best" router i could buy?

I define "BEST" as a router that is more capable to 600Mbps/1Gbps symmetric link, large flash, RAM and processor.

Again, what does "mega router" mean.

There are PCs designed for routing, they don't look like PCs, but like network switches.

You just described an x86/PC router :slight_smile:

If you want examples, google Barracuda F12, Cyberoam CR15ing/CR25ing/CR35ing, Trustwave TS-25, Sophos SG/XG.

Study So you have 500Mbps-1Gbps fiber and need a router READ THIS FIRST


That is too broad a category to get you a useful result...
However, if you are thinking about "high performance" as main criterion, the given (generic) recommendation x86 is pretty decent. Currently you can get dual 2.5 Gbps port intel alder lake N100 small form factor devices for ~300EUR, pair this with an acceptable OpenWrt AP (for WiFi and to serve as switch) and you should have a pretty sweet set-up for < 400EUR that will not flinch if you should switch to gigabit internet access....

These modern intel systems are not that bad, power efficiency wise, for most routers the most important number is the idle power draw, not the peak power draw...

Impossible to answer until you define "best" more precisely.... (pie in the sky, real big iron routers use content addressable memory (CAM) to make routing decisions fast (and fast they are), but the prices are eye watering (especially once you add the maintenance costs as well) and you will not want to run such a beast in your home, and using OpenWrt is likely impossible anyway, but these are "best" by some definition of best)...

I concur with @frollic there is pretty little completion in that space... you will find x86 and arm devices capable of meeting your expectation, however the x86 devices will be easier to source and cheaper (e.g. you get an dual port alder lake N100 NUC for ~300EUR, a M2 arm mac mini sets you back 699 EUR).

Even less https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0BLY1DR42/

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Of course, i need a good processing machine (CPU, RAM, ROM, etc) but i need wireless radio too and if they come togheter would be a nice election, thats why i ask for a router with good cpu, ram, rom, wireless, etc included in the same device

I really want it for home use, but I really like to have something good, that has support for several years by OpenWRT, that's why I say to buy 2 devices, one to process and one to have wifi signal... I think It does not seem like an option to me, unless you tell me what is the best for this. Especially because of the configuration that this will entail, since I have little time to investigate and do tests.

For example, if you tell me that this router [ASUS TUF Gaming AX3000](https://www.amazon.es/ASUS-TUF-Gaming-AX3000-AiProtection/dp/B0B4DYZRMS/ref=sr_1_8?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅ�% BD%C3%95%C3%91&crid=30R9JWJUHTNQS&keywords=asus+router&qid=1687506657&sprefix=asus+route%2Caps%2C102&sr=8-8) is good for 500mbps-1Gbps connection, OpenWRT installable with GUI, has good processor, big size of flash and RAM, I would buy it. But I'm telling you, this is the first one I've searched for on Amazon, I haven't picked it up for anything in particular

PD: sorry about the large link, dont know how to short it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

You left out the wifi part in the previous posts ...

Roqos RC10, but its probably impossible to find in EU.

True that too, im sorry. In my head i have all clear but then here, i forget some things. Sorry again about that

Well, you still haven't specified -at all- what your actual requirements are, but all of that is (increasingly) off-topic for this thread, start a new one, prefixed with your exact requirements and preferred constraints (monetary, regionally and otherwise).

Coming back to your original question:

  • AMD Epyc (Genoa) 9684X sounds nice, give it an RTX 4090 for good measure (pointless, yes, but you asked for the 'best') and 2+ 100 GBit/s ethernet cards.
  • ZyXEL gs1900-48 as switch (yes, there is better, in form of the XGS12xx series, but OpenWrt support isn't quite there yet)
  • add as many ipq807x/ filogic 830 APs as you need.

…you asked for the best, and so you shall receive (if you want a more fitting answer, put the detailed requirements and constraints on the table and ask in a new, dedicated, thread).


Only one ?

Flagged all this for moderation, hopefully it'll get split out.

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Ok, im sorry about that, sorry for the inconvenience for not explaining well what i want. I will open a new thread specifying everything I need.

Again sorry, I didn't mean to mess this thread up. :bowing_man:

A NanoPi R4S (4GB, no unique mac address, add the metal case) provides a very capable router through full Gbps with low power draw (~2W idle, ~7W peak) for ~$92 shipped. An external antenna 802.11 ax router like the Reyee RG-E5 available used for ~$50 shipped is not so great for a router with only 16MB flash, but it is a great combined wireless AP and managed switch option if you don't mind opening the case to flash it with OpenWrt.


We just got fiber in our neighborhood so I'm finally interested in routing 1gbps symmetric. I don't use SQM.

Regarding the R4S, I'm not sure what "no unique mac address" implies. Do you make up your own for the two Ethernet ports and hope there are no conflicts?

Also, does the R4S now run "standard" OpenWRT instead of just the vendor's FriendlyWRT?

This commit assigns a unique MAC address to R4S units lacking one in hardware using the SD card CID. The R4S has been supported by standard OpenWrt since June 2021, and is supported by stable 22.03 and later stable versions, and of course also in current snapshot. It will also handle Gbps SQM if you decide to use it.

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Usually a ethernet device has EEPROM chip with a registered MAC address, this involves a cost. FriendlyElec divided R4S into 2 groups, one with the chip, targeting business customers who need to buy in a bulk amount; The usual retail one has no such chip and relies on OS itself to generate one during boot time.

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Xiaomi AX9000 for 179,95€ + delivery from MI -reititin AX9000 | Älykäs reititin vakaville pelaajille (mistore.fi)

Minor hair in the soup: it is theoretically supported, but there is no stable release yet. So more like the best future all in one device with USB that is currently still in snapshot phase.