What's your favorite enthusiast LEDE/OpenWrt device?

Given that I've tested it now pretty thoroughly under OpenWrt, ODROID H2 with its J4105 SoC and dual NICs. Very roughly a 12 cm cube and idles at well under 10 W with dual, Samsung SSDs. Enough power to comfortably build OpenWrt from scratch under Debian.

Prices in USD through Ameridroid:

  • Board -- $115
  • PSU -- $12
  • Type 3 case -- $13 (Big enough for two SSDs)
  • Fan -- $6
  • 2x SATA data and power cable -- $8 (for 2x SSDs)

(RTC battery already included, power button superfluous as on-board button is easily accessible)

From a vendor of your choice, or "free" if a "take-off" from a laptop, MacMini, or the like:

  • 4 or 8 GB of RAM -- $35 - 70

Storage -- Your choice of:

  • USB stick -- $5 and up
  • eMMC -- $13
  • Cheap SSD -- $20
  • Good SSD -- $50 (Be aware that mSATA doesn't work in the NVMe slot)
  • Pair of good SSDs ...

I don't have the ODROID fan, so I can't comment on how quiet it is. The fan speed is under BIOS control. I needed it for just a breath of air for make -j4 of OpenWrt, though it seemed cool enough for day-to-day loads. The fan connector is not the standard 4-pin one. It is tiny (Molex PicoBlade fits), though you can adapt a suitable 92 mm, 5V, PWM/tach fan if you prefer (and have good eyes and steady fingers).