What is best way to work with public area

hi there i know its didint right place to ask this Q but i do searching with google but didnt fined good answer mt Q what is best choice to give my customer internet connection in public area i have work with 60 unifi ap work with openwrt and over 20 tplink router work with openwrt its work fine as ap but i need some feedback
for best way to give my user access in this time i work with mikrotik hotspot as hotspot gateway but this didnt give me good security for my client and some problem with gateway is there any other way for this case thank u

This is a question that many people have based their PhD studies on. It is not a simple problem with a clear solution.

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i test each 802.1X and hotspot from multi vendors from mikrotik to coovachilli with radius but each one have there problem so finely in last 3 day i get best choice for me and i wish if it help some one i use 802.1x and login page in same time i use 802.1x to get there best rooming and i use login page as vouchers card . how client get access at first time he should get access to network from peap 802.1x ( user and pass) this just for get access to network after that they see login page this login page take him to insert there vouchers card to get access to internet or my internal network which have iptv and some internal website for tools and mobile apps this vouchers was limit by bandwidth quota each user have limited bandwidth if there limited finish they disconnected from login page server and they see login page to re insert new vouchers card if they need , this solved all my problem with users AAA and its work very nice with me in public area .

If you can read out that loud without suffocating, I am paying you a beer.

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I know I have bad English language :persevere: , and sorry for that , I work hard to learn English language to speak with openwrt community and other community for asking because I wish to learn more things from theme again sorry for my bad language .

Most of us are non-native English speakers, you do not need to write perfect English, just sprinkle some punctuation symbols here and there... :wink:

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