Install 100 OpenWrt in 1 k area

hi there
i have new installation for area about 1k + and i use wpa enterprise for it with external radius and i use gateway for all these ap , what is best way to install this .
gateway ip
dns server =
radius ip =
dhcp server start from

before 10 day i install openwrt but i get big problem with them so ask what is best way to do that in this


I assume you're setting up some sort of public wifi service. You will generally want a separate network for your internal administrative use that the public users cannot reach.

@mk24 is spot on with separating client usage from administrative usage. You should decide how far you want to go with that, especially given articles like

In a commercial setting, I'd first worry about protecting infrastructure with proper network segregation and firewall rules, then look to providing benefits to the end users of the system.

You'll also need to determine if you want client-to-client connectivity, or just client-to-service/Internet connectivity. The configuration to "lock down" or "open up" these options explicitly have been discussed here (and I'll admit I haven't followed them too closely). Good search terms are "client isolation" and "hairpin".