What have I done wrong? Suddenly ALL IMAP-connections to my company's mail server fail

I work from home 24/7.
Today, after starting up my computer and opening my mail client this morning, I am suddenly faced with a problem I never had before: Login to server mail.[company].com with username [economy@company.com] failed.
My colleagues do not have this problem, so it's nothing server-side, rather it's client-side or local on either my machine or router.

Only thing I have changed network-wise after working yesterday was I enabled the 5GHz-radio on my Router through the LuCi-interface. Other than that, I haven't really dabbled with ANY connection settings, Network settings or the like.
Which leads me into thinking my router is doing something.

I desperately need your help in troubleshooting this problem and your great minds on how to solve it.

Best regards,

Not to point out the obvious, but that sounds a lot like there's an issue with your username/password (or the server). Have you spoken to your IT department to check everything is fine at their end?

A local network issue would be far more likely to prevent you accessing the server at all, rather than being able to access it but not login.


Yes, I have troubleshooted all morning. Got the current password, server adress, ports, yada yada. from my web admin.

I investigated further:

  1. I configured my email client on the phone instead with the very same settings. It worked fine.
  2. I then used my phone's Share Network-service. I connected my computer to the network. Works like normal. No connectivity issue, mails are sent/received normally again.

So there must be a problem with the router. Something in the software must block the connection in/out somehow?
How do I move forward here?

there are only a couple of things you're not sharing with your colleagues

and laptop

is there perhaps a VPN involved someplace ?
try sharing internet from your cell phone, does it work if you use the phones wifi hot spot ?

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  • Reset router to default (since we know nothing about it i.e. configs)
  • Upon reboot, try again

And as noted, there are additional differences in your connection, aside from the router.

Good question!

I have used VPN before (personally) but it's not mandated by my company. Company is VPN-less.

Yes; I think I did this right when you replied: What have I done wrong? Suddenly ALL IMAP-connections to my company's mail server fail - #2 by krazeh

By resetting, do you mean going back to factory default software? The router is a Xiaomi, I rather not use their framework, I'd rather use OpenWRT of course :slight_smile:

Or is there a built-in way to do this int he LuCi interface? If so, I haven't found it yet.




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Have you spoken with your company's IT department? I'd really suggest doing that before you start resetting routers etc.


I agree with @krazeh. From your description, you did nothing to your your device before the problem arose. Is that accurate?

Why do you believe the router suddenly developed an issue?

There is no IT department. My company is a small business consisting of 5 people, myself included.
They have recommended I reboot/reset the router. So I'll try to do that, like how you recommended.

It has been stuck like this for a while now. How long does it usually take? :stuck_out_tongue:'
Do I dare refresh the page?

But there's no IT staff - yet they gave IT advice?

  • You should expect to loose connection as the device reboots
  • If you were on WiFi, you'll need to set that up again via Ethernet cable

Sure, why not?


After reset, the lan intrface will have address. In case you had changed that you'll need to renew DHCP lease.


I just want to thank you all for participating with troubleshooting and solutions.
Restoration did the trick. EVERYTHING works now!

Adios amigos!

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