What does the /dev/mtdblock11 reserved partition do? (WNDR4300)

board=WNDR4300 18.06.x

block info
/dev/mtdblock11: TYPE="jffs2"

The total capacity of NAND FLASH is 128M but this partition occupies 96M and is not used. So why is there this reserved partition, and what does its existence do?

The capacity of the partition /dev/ubi0_1 /overlay that the system can really use now is too small and only 14M, so can /dev/mtdblock11 be used to extend /overlay, or can it be merged with the current /overlay partition?

Has the official firmware of OpenWRT-21.02.0 updated the partition so that the 128M partition can now be used?

Will the following configuration take effect after the system restarts?

config mount
	option target	'/overlay'
	option device	'/dev/mtdblock11'
	option fstype	'jffs2'
	option enabled	'1'

it may have netgear stuff in it
but if you know you don't care "never going back to netgear"
edit the DTS & compile your own image to use the room

I also think so, OpenWRT should use the original firmware partition! But this is such a waste of space.

not sure if you have looked but alot of the room allocated in V21 & master on ath79

6C0000 > AC0000 Kernel
AC0000 > 1FC0000 UBI
2000000 > 8000000 UBI

so UBI is 122,683,392 bytes
I think what you want has been allocated in V21 +

I also saw that the introduction said that the 20.02 version modified the partition, so that the 128M space can be fully used.

yes as much as can be is used yes
117M out of 128M is good
cal data & uboot is still needed
did you try V21

No, but there are plans to upgrade!

At present, I have upgraded to 21.02.x version firmware and can fully use the 128MFLASH space

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just a note there is no openwrt branched in 2020 so there is no ofical V20
the current ofical versions are V19.07 & V21.02

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