WDS Configuration on 21.02 - Atheros Specific WDS Issue

This might be a super simple answer, but how do I enable CONFIG_SRC_TREE_OVERRIDE?


.... Found it

@Borromini Thanks again for all the help. I think I have the NETIFD git tree setup and compiling with my openwrt main tree.

I'll reach out to nbd and see if we can sort it out.


I did some more detailed testing with the NETIFD package. I think the problem started with the WDS specific commit in NETIFD. @nbd or @Borromini would either of you be able to help trouble shoot?

This commit added a wireless_device_hotplug_event among some other changes.

f037b082923abc2dad0d14c8401ebe0afd816b5c wireless: handle WDS per-sta devices

Some more info... I went through the NETIFD code and manually undid the changes from f037b082923abc2dad0d14c8401ebe0afd816b5c related to the wireless_device_hotplug_event.

After undoing just those changes, WDS seems to work perfectly with the updated NETIFD (minus hotplug changes) and 21.02.0.


I cannot help you debug this, I can barely even read C code. Try pinging nbd on openwrt-devel on IRC and link to the bug report.

2nd post this thread

Quick update. There is a patch available for NETIFD that I am testing. So far it looks like the patch fixes the WDS connection issue. I am running 21.02.0 (official release) with an updated NETIFD package.


According to https://bugs.openwrt.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=3961 the fix is in the snapshots.
Could I therefore just download the netifd package from snapshot and install it on 21.02?
e.g. from https://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/base/

You should be able to, yes.

Hi @chadneufeld , hi community,

on some postings you write you do run the actual 21.02.0 (official release) with an updated NETIFD package. I am kind of new to OpenWrt but an experienced linux user. Could you tell us the procedure on how to update NETIFD to the desired version while keeping official 21.02.0 firmware untouched? Please give advice on how to update NETIFD on 21.02.0 on TP-Link Archer C7 v5 Routers.

Thank you very much in advance!

I have a similar problem between 2 * Tenbay T-MB5EU-V01 ( Master & Client WDS ) MT7915
in 2.4 Ghz no problem

in 5Ghz ( Wifi AX or AC ) error : wlan1: failed to insert STA entry for the AP (error -22)

@raphael Just read what fireburner posted, two posts above yours, and then my answer, one post above yours.

With Openwrt problem between 2 * Tenbay T-MB5EU-V01 ( Master & Client WDS ) MT7915
in 2.4 Ghz no problem
in 5Ghz ( Wifi AX or AC ) error : wlan1: failed to insert STA entry for the AP (error -22)

With 2 * X-WRT same problem

Between OpenWrt & X-WRT not this problem

@Borromini fireburner's post was about mipsel_24kc architecture. 4-5days ago i could not find an up to date package for "TP-Link Archer C7 v5" routers. But am i right that the package under this link https://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/packages/arc_arc700/base/netifd_2021-10-21-f78bdec2-1_arc_arc700.ipk is for Archer C7 architecture?

if so i guess the command to update the NETIFD ipk package is:

opkg install --force-reinstall packagename.ipk

i am not with the devices yet, but would be great to solve this tomorrow evening.

Kind regards,

Can you test as me with X-wrt: <--> OpenWrt ?


In all likelihood you are facing a different problem than the topic starter, and he found his solution, as clearly stated in the thread. So please open a separate thread for your issue instead of kicking this topic.

@raphael Yes, that should still be possibile for now. You probably won't even need the --force-reinstall` since the master package is newer.

Hi @raphael I am compiling my own version of the 21.02 firmware with the latest netifd for my devices (Archer C7 v2, Archer C7 v5 and Unifi AC LR). I haven't tried to update 21.02.0 NETIFD with NETIFD from the master snapshots.

Two quick comments:

  • If updating NETIFD directly doesn't work for you, I can send you a link to download my custom compiled version of the C7 V5 firmware
  • An updated version of 21.02 just got tagged yesterday or the day before (21.02.1). The updates to NETIFD didn't make it into 21.02.1 but if you can wait a day or two, I would work with 21.02.1 instead of 21.02.0

Good luck


@Borromini thanks for the feedback and the hint about --force-reinstall may not be necessary.

@chadneufeld yes please provide a link to download your "Archer C7 v5" compiled firmware. That would be awesome! And if updating directly fails i can test with your custom firmware. I will wait for your 21.02.1 version.

Thank you both very much!
Kind regards,

@raphael Here is the link for my compiled 21.02.1 firmware. I haven't updated yet, I am waiting for the official announcement since I will be adding extra packages after flashing.

I recommend saving a list of your installed packages before flashing so you can make sure to reinstall everything (my custom firmware may not have all of the default packages).

They just released 21.02.1 two days ago. Does it solve the WDS problem? I have four random routers. I need to share internet with three houses. I will update OpenWRT if the new version solves this problem. Otherwise I'll revert back to rc3.

Or should I perhaps use 802.11s mesh? Does it work just as well?