wa901NDv3 is there lede/openwrt for wa

soon i will get access point tplink wa901v 3

is these link with ok openwrt from factory stock to open wrt?https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/tp-link/tp-link_tl-wa901nd_v3

and is that ok firmver is it safe i shoud use these opnewrt for that ?



it's however a 4mb flash unit, so there will be no new(er) firmwares available for it.

For some reason there's no ath79 build for it from


its important that no errors openwrt fw the release 18.06.9 will work i just worry to work good :slight_smile:

Step 4: upgrade your system with sysupgrade , is the system upgrade have ui? i had issues with v4 with sysupgrade

depends on version of openwrt.

18 would have ui, 19 might not, due to insufficient flash size, unless you use the ath79 images from the link above.

Snapshots will lack ui too.


is these ok for version3 wa901


i understud that release 18.6.9 have ui

That's still a yes .....

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thank you friend :slight_smile: i will flash when arrives wa so i will say how it goes :slight_smile:

You are riding a dead horse.


Yes if you paid money for it, try to get your money back and buy something more suitable for OpenWrt.


is these mean it will brick?

no, it means it's old and a bad choice for openwrt :wink:


thats ok, still is it better to flash with andyx fw he posted lite versions fw also have for v3 wa901? is these take less memory so he be left ok for operating better

No but you have to run old versions which have security issues, and you'll constantly be fighting the lack of space. Advanced applications like a VPN will never fit.

Also it's a slow CPU and 2.4 GHz only. To have some hope of being useful for a few years, I would not buy anything that is not dual band, 16/128 memory, and at least a MT7621A CPU.

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from apps i will only need luci-httpd if is posibili if not i try to set port via ssh i know but i barely get these one for low prise i dont have money for hi routers i want to buy asus ac 56 but that maybe never happend so i use n

anyway mk24 thanks for advice (specific) i sure need once :slight_smile:



does anyone try is wa901v3 work ok with any openwrt and what is safer for flash and works ok?

A device with more than 4 MB flash - I believe you've been told multiple times in addition to the warning on the device page.

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is these suitabile than 18.06.09 its lower version maybe would work ok?

i know sorry but i dont have any router with much memory thay are expencive for my budget

is these better a little more stabile (i ask for use not security)


Yes it's easy to overfill the filesystem, which results in a situation where you have to reset to defaults and start over. Not exactly a brick but still a headache.

And you will need to consider that at every turn whenever you install or change something.

For a beginner it is a lot easier to have more flash and not worry about such things.

If I had a bunch of them that I didn't pay anything for and a use case where it made sense, of course I'd try to press them into service. But that is not a beginner project.