Сustom rom for Gl-E750

Hello . Can you please tell me where on the forum i can see a custom rom for Gl-E750 https://openwrt.org/toh/gl.inet/gl-e750? Maybe someone already build . Thanks

Link is on the page you posted?

@frollic Thank you very much for your answer and willingness to help me. I understand what you mean, but I would like to have not only a single image but also customized programs. Here are the wishes for the programs:

  1. Wireguard /OpenVPN ( client /server )
  2. DnsCrypt
  3. VPN Policies
  4. Network Mode ( router /Access Point /Extender /WDS)
  5. Mac Clone
  6. Kill Switch
  7. Tethering
  8. USB Modem
  9. Firewall
  10. Tor which will work together with VPN

Perhaps someone has already collected similar images, if there is a link I will be grateful for the help!

Why don't you just build your own image with all desired packages already included?

You seem to be referring to the GL-Inet firmware in your screenshots, if that's exactly the functionality you need (and are unable to build/customize your own image), why won't you just stick with their firmware?

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@stangri Thank you very much for your reply. You argue logically, but there are many problems with the official firmware, for example: vpn policies do not work, vpn does not work correctly through the browser, tor starts without vpn)) and this is called anonymous connection. You can go to their site yourself and see all this users write about it. Plus, some programs and solutions are not needed.

Therefore, it seems to me the best solution is to build my image with my programs.

@tmomas Thank you for your reply. This is exactly what I want to do, but I need help, so I'm here) For example, I would like to use the gl-sdk4-macclone program but it is not in the repository (this is how the gl.inet developers answered me)

I have enough memory ( 128Mb) to build the image and install the programs I need.

Please tell me where you can see the tutorial on how to build an image ( e-750) and add the programs that I wrote above and configure? I will be grateful to you.

If the desired package is not in the repo then you can't install it in openwrt

@maurer Thank you very much for the answer. This is obvious)) Do you know what can replace this package? What programs clone mac address and are there in the repository?

Have you searched on openwrt.org or this forum for this?

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@maurer Please clarify what do you mean? Search for what? Programs or my main question is custom image for GL-E750?

Generally speaking you can just go ahead and install OpenWrt on your device and install and use packages as required for your needs.

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this ?:

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@Lynx Thank you very much for your reply. That is, do you think that it makes no sense to build an image, but can you just install a ready-made OpenWrt image :point_right: https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/22.03.1/targets/ath79/nand/openwrt-22.03.1-ath79-nand-glinet_gl-e750-squashfs-factory.img? Did I understand you correctly ?

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@fodiator Thanks for the answer . Where can I find out what programs are installed inside this image? When I build an image, I see what programs I install in my image.

Well indeed yes. In your position I would just ascertain the normal install process for your device to get OpenWrt on it in the first place with basic packages and then just install packages as you need. When you invoke sysupgrade the process builds a custom firmware build with your chosen packages anyway.

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@Lynx Thank you for your answer and willingness to help me!

Okay, that is, I will have a base image. How can I find a replacement for those programs that are in the gl.inet image? I wrote about them above.

Wireguard /OpenVPN ( client /server )
VPN Policies
Network Mode ( router /Access Point /Extender /WDS)
Mac Clone
Kill Switch
USB Modem
Tor which will work together with VPN

I also found gl-imagebuilder https://github.com/gl-inet/imagebuilder if it makes sense to use it or will it create the same build that comes by default?

The supplied .manifest lists all content.

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@fodiator thanks for your reply . I'm not building an image yet and would like to see the programs up to this point. Would you mind giving a link?