Using OpenWRT to run a "client only" WiFi brige on low end device

I have a device here that only has a RJ45 10/100 port for its network access and while it works with a regular ethernet cable, its ideal location means it would not be practical to run a cable to it.

As there is a WiFi network available, I would like to use a device that connects to that WiFi network and "converts" it to a RJ45 ethernet.

I have bought a ~10€ Pix-Link Wireless-N repeater claiming it was offering a "client mode" where it supposedly does exactly that: connect to WiFi and replicate the network on its LAN port.
Sadly, there is no way to disable the "repeat" part which I really don't need nor desire because of the security issues related to the existing firmware.
Here is a picture with what the device looks like on the leaflet and as it was easily opened, there is also its insides:

It has a Mediatek MT7628KN chip at its heart for which I have various conflicting resources ranging from won't work to don't expect too much

Believing that my requirement of "wifi bridge" would be doable with OpenWRT on this device, I downloaded the image builder for ramips here

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, when I run make info, the device is not in the list of known devices.

What should I try next? I must say I'm a bit lost in front of all the potential docs to be read.

Thanks for your suggestions.

MT7628K cannot run OpenWrt due to small RAM. A minimum of 64 megabytes is required for OpenWrt, and the MT7628K only has 8 megabytes. The stock firmware is not Linux, it is highly optimized for small RAM.

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Fair enough, but then why is there an image builder specifically for this platform?

I have also seen mentions of end of support in 2022 for "low end" platforms, but wouldn't that imply that I could use an image from before 2022?

yes, 10+ year old OWRT distro .. maybe
then, you probably need to mess with missing drivers, directly with C files, build on ubuntu 12.04 and similar "retro" things

which is maybe doable after all, but ... spending 2 months of learning retro stuff for 10$ device ....
as you wish :slight_smile: