Use any of pre-selected number of WiFis, as a repeater/A



I have two phones at home, both of which support Hotspot mode. I want to configure my OpenWrt to be repeating/sharing any of the two hotspots, whatever is available at the time.

The idea being, I want the 'clients' at home to only know about one WiFi - the OpenWrt and I want it to feed whatever 'underlying' wifi is available at the time - hotspot1 or hotspot2. In other words, I want to be able to turn off one of the hotspots and turn on the other and that should work seamlessly to the client of the OpenWrt.

I have managed to 'join' one of the hotspots, however I can't figure out how to make it join a second and switch between the two based on availability. Also, I have probably miscofigured it somehow, because unless the hotspot is up and running, OpenWrt doesn't show as an available wifi.


Client mode wireless connection Drops out

This is normal and expected behavior. A client association must be up before an AP-master can come online. It was just recently answered here:


this went slowly a bit embarrassing ...:smile: ... Travelmate should fulfill your needs, see here


Still unclear on how to make the OpenWrt connect to either available client wifi.


It would be priority based. If the one you list as most preferred is not found, the other one would be tried.

Another approach would be to set the phones to both use the same SSID and encryption in hotspot mode. You can then configure the router as if there is only one network to connect to. If both are in range and on the air at the same time the router would choose one more or less "randomly".

Using two ISPs at once is a whole different ball of wax.


Yes, the first approach is what I want to get working.

So on the 'radio' I scanned again, joined the second hotspot and it made me create a new interface. I then stopped the first hotspot and the openwrt did not join the second hotspot :frowning:

I noticed that for whatever reason openwrt was refusing to store the changes for the second hotspot. I guess that's why it didn't join the second hotspot.

I am sorry, I don't know the first thing about Unix.


Did you try using travelmate? There you manage simply a list of possible uplink stations - the rest is done by the program as soon as the uplink is available/in range, in the following example the uplink with the lowest priority is in range and gets the connection - all others are disabled: