USB configuration questions

Is there any method of mounting a harddisk to Open Wrt without having to wipe it? I have a 8tb external harddisk and nothing else to back its data up to. Its file format is ex-fat. And if I wanted to mount something, how would I set up my computer to see it? It's not like ready share where there's info about what address to connect to.

It can be mounted, as long as the fs is supported.


this can be done without having to reformat it?

What did I just reply ?

Mount <> format

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Try installing the kmod-fs-exfat package, see if it's enough to be able to read the drive.

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I'm a bit of a noob, what would be the command to do that?

opkg update
opkg install kmod-fs-exfat

How can I tell its drive letter?

"Drive Letter" is a Windows concept, so I don't understand your inquiry.

Sorry, I thought the drive letter mattered. What am I doing wrong here?

First off - You're using Windows network tools to try to mount a HDD on another system. I see a Windows screen that says "cannot access mnt/sda2". That's incorrect.
Since I don't know you're goals, it's difficult to say what you're doing wrong.

On Windows:

  • Samba/SMB
  • SSH File Transfer

I have it already successfully mounted to the router. How can I find the address I need to enter?

The IP of the router - the same IP you've been using to access it. :man_shrugging:

:spiral_notepad: But you need to use:

  • Did you set up Samba on the OpenWrt; or
  • Are you using SSH File transfer with a program like Filezilla?

...No I didn't set up samba. I'm literally a noob to this I thought I could just mount it, find the address, and add it to windows explorer as a network drive

If you want to access the HDD from a Windows computer, you'll need to setup file services compatible with Windows on the OpenWrt.

And I would do that how? I literally am a noob and I am sorry if I am being annoying. Also goddamnit, I don't have enough space for Samba...

Whelp so much for NAS

OP, this is not related to the OpenWrt, however I would suggest you not going further with your HDD.

You don't really know what you are doing, and you are trying to play around with data you are not affordable to lose while there is no backup. Declaring yourself as a noob won't bring you back the data when unexpected thing happens, I also don't think anybody here would be able to assist in case bad thing comes up. To test, you should look around some unused USB sticks so that you can get familiar with the whole process before putting your real data there.


Merely consult the first results on a search engine:

  • Search is your friend
  • I'd seriously consider @fakemanhk's advice - no need to use with real data on your first test/setup

I received a private message from the OP. It appears the OP is using a device with low flash space. It seems there's an issue installing samba3 or 4 and their dependencies. I've asked the OP to post the information/screenshot in the forum in order to receive assistance.

It seems the OP edited a post and added it...and PMed me??? :man_shrugging:

@Stavinair - in the future, please refrain from editing old posts to convey new context/messages. It makes the thread difficult to follow by future readers. I'm now confused.

If you PMed to alert/ping me - no worries, when you hit reply to my post, I got the alert (which is why I didn't know you edited it subsquently).

I also believe the user reached their new user posting limit, and has to wait [as the screenshot said, 1 hour] before proceeding to do so.