USB configuration questions

Just use WinSCP on the Windows computer and log in to the router to use the HDD (sda2) from Windows.

You will find the HDD in the file tree under Mounted.

(Just remember to set up WinSCP to log in to the router as root! Google says how to do that)


I also get the PM with the content of one of the replies.

I wish OP can use it without data loss, with all those uncertainties.....

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Even if I wanted I can't because Samba is too big. Are there any alternatives?

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Ksmbd would be an option.


Seems to be a lot less how to's on that. Hm. Alright I think I have everything needed installed.

What do I need to input here exactly? Man this stuff is confusing but once I figure it out I'll get that dopamine rush that I always get when I get some custom tweaking to a device to work. However I can't seem to figure this out.


Whelp something went wrong, I guess kmsbd did something. Wifi dropped, and the interfaces are disabled. Now I can't select lan in them and for some reason there's alias's

What device is this? You might have filled the flash space.

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Its a R6120. Tempted to go thermal nuclear and just reflash.

I'd reset it, it'll wipe packages too.

Will it get rid of the aliases? Are the aliases causing the issue? Can it be fixed without flash? I can't think of any other way.

I dont understand why the lan option completely vanished.

HURR DURR I'm a dumbass. I didn't notice the switches next to the wifi interfaces was set to disabled.

Also I had to completely wipe it