Upgrading RT3200 to use a new snapshot

The wiki says that my RT3200 needs to be upgraded because I am on an old snapshot

Users already running OpenWrt 23.05.x or older, or snapshots before 2024-02-15 also need to re-run the installer yet another time to move fip and factory partitions into UBI volumes before running snapshots after 2024-02-15 as well as upcoming releases.

I don't understand how to "re-run the installer" ... The guide on this github is confusing to me.

Which version of the pre-built installer do I need if I want to use a daily snapshot?

Hi, it doesn't need to be updated. I strongly recommend not to update or upgrade it at this time. Please see this remark: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/installing-23-05-x-on-linksys-e8450-or-belkin-rt3200/192713/4?u=underworld

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Oh wow that is serious. Is there some official thread I can follow to know when it is safe to update? I want to use one of my own images of a snapshot at some point.

Yep, please take a look at here: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/belkin-rt3200-linksys-e8450-wifi-ax-discussion/94302
Be carfull..

I am confused by reading threads about this.

  1. What version of owrt-ubi-installer is recommended?
  2. How can I tell which version I have?
  3. Is it still recommended to do nothing and wait?