Installing 23.05.x on Linksys e8450 or Belkin RT3200

Right now, if you have a working E8450, I would be really cautious to flash anything.
Lot's of devices have turned unbootable or only intermittently bootable in last few weeks. For that reason dangowrt created a few weeks ago the "late bootloader in UBI" installer version, but that has not helped. The installer 1.1.x may have hastened process?

Nobody knows yet, if this is a manufacturing quality error that surfaces with age, or something with the current OpenWrt master or 23.05.x

(The error happens already in the bootloader stage, so it is not about OpenWrt firmware itself or settings.)

My own RT3200 belongs now to the sad crop of broken devices.

So, just sit with the current firmware a few weeks. Hopefully dangowrt figures out the reason for bootloader troubles.