Upgrading from OpenWrt 18.06.4 ar71xx to 19.07.0-rc1 ath79

I'm a little confused on how to upgrade from 18.06.4 ar71xx to 19.07.0-rc1 ath79, The names of the bin files have changed in ath79.

Which one should I pick I'm not sure if I need the kernel.bin or the factory.bin or the sysupgrade.bin.


My router is a TP-Link TL-WDR4300

  • Always sysupgrade OpenWrt.
  • BTW, do not save settings across versions
  • In addition the architecture has changed (from ar71xx to ath79), so settings may be different anyway

Ok thank you for the extremely quick answer I think it took you like a minite or two.

Just curious whats the kernel.bin file used for.

Likely for booting the router via TFTP and such.

(BTW, the "always" has a few caveats, x86_64-ext4 and some SD card based devices for example; but it's a general rule.)


When upgrading across major versions saving a copy of your config to your “desktop” is a good idea. It is a tar file, which you can then extract and look at for reference.

Many times config from vN works just fine with vN+1. However going from ar71xx to ath79 is a major change and the upgrade scripts aren’t perfect. You may find no wireless or Ethernet ports swapped if you take the default and keep your existing config with sysupgrade or LuCI.

Going from vN to vN+2 or later is likely to cause problems with existing config.


Thanks for your help guy's Everything worked out great, Soon I just got one more thing to figure out I installed travelmate and got it working but there is no IPv6 only IPv4

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relayd, often used for “range enhancers” is only an IPv4 “hack”.

If you open a new thread with your use case, people can guide you to a solution.

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