Updating Wifi password updates among access points


I've just setup a new Openwrt router (with wifi onboard) with 3 openwrt access points. All the access points are wired back to the main router. All running the latest software- but a mixture of hardware.

I have a along with my main wifi SSID a guest SSID setup- but when I change the password for the guest wifi, i have to update it in 8 places (2.4ghz & 5ghz) on each router.
I'm using 802.11r fast roaming on all the access points.

Is there any way to automate the wifi password change so I only have to change it in one place? I'm coming from a BT Whole Home mesh solution where changes are pushed out to all nodes.

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A small script, using "UCI" and "SSH" should be enough.


Can you point me to some instructions about how to do this?

uci show wireless.<wifi_interface>.key='<key_here>'
uci commit

Alter to send the above command.

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Thanks. I'm a complete beginner with ssh scripting. I haven't really gone beyond SSH into /etc/config and using VI to edit the config text files.
I'll try to do some self-help when I get the time.

Thanks again.

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FYI - nothing I posted requires that.

I was hoping there was a package I could install on each device that would enable a wifi password change to be propagated to all devices. Sometimes there is a package its just finding it :slight_smile:

Too many options with Openwrt!

Information was already provided above.

Also see: Management Platforms for Thousands of OpenWrt Routers? - #4 by lleachii

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