Unlock modem HHB2338-168O

i have an HHB b2338-168O modem
i wanna to unlock it. how can i do it? can anyone help me?

sure! try one of the unlocking sites ...

Can you introduce me to some sites? I did not find


thanks for your try, but my modem made by HHB company and your search results is for Huawei

this is my modem

interesting, since B2338-168 is a Huawei product, too.

are you 100% sure of the model ? there's pretty much zero hits on google.

in worst case, open it up.


Based on the MAC and the FW name, it's a Asiatelco Technologies Co - http://www.asiatelco.com/

But it doesn't say anything about the actual modem, hence the recommendation to open it up.

ok no problem i do it now :slight_smile:

upload it

modem IMEI points towards ISP Fastlink.

adds two other pics from other side of mboard please check them

I wonder if the two oval, and one square solder point is the serial console :wink:

but since the IMEI points towards Fastlink, it's a code for their device(s) you need to get.

can you give me a site link please thanks

no really, but I'm sure google could, that's the way I'd move forward :wink:

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ok, now what do I say while call there. In other words, this modem is a hhb brand!