Unbound - Errors at installation

I am trying to install Recursive DNS service with luci-app-unbound package.
My objective is to use unbound as my only DNS resolver in order to talk directly to root/TLDs/authoritative DNS servers.
I also already have Adguard Home installed and functionning.

I am getting error messages from opkg after installation :

unbound: default protocol configuration
unbound: default memory configuration
unbound: default recursion configuration

I continued to configure in Luci :

  • Recursive DNS on port 53, and dhcp-link on dnsmasq
  • DHCP and DNS on port 1053, Ignore Resolv file
  • Adguard Home with as upstream server
    Unfortunately, the DNS resolution is not working and Adguarg also has error when testing as upstream server.

I deleted and re-installed luci-app-unbound, but getting same results...

If anyone can help, thanks for your support.

Are you saying you changed the DHCP server port?

If so, that will not work - in fact, such a setting is invalid.

This part confuses me.

To be clear:

  • Is this after installation; or
  • After you re-configure?

Also, have you seen:

@lleachii Thanks for your help

Yes, actually I followed instructions for "Parrallel dnsmasq" in Openwrt - Unbound master
In addition, wiki instructions for AdguadHome already changed port for dnsmasq.

I want to use unbound for resolving DNS directly with root, TLDs or authoritative DNS servers, which means no other recursive DNS servers (like google, quad9, cloudfare, etc.) in the middle.
The idea comes from this article, but doing it with Openwrt and Adguard Home on my router.
I don't know if it will also be possible to have DoT connection with the root/TLD servers.

After first installation of luci-app-unbound
I am on 22.03.3 for a Linksys EA8300 (RAM 256 MB and Flash 256MB)
The only other packages installed before are : advanced-reboot, wifi-scheduler, and AdguardHome
For Adguard Home, I followed instructions in Openwrt/Adguard Home.
I could imagine that recommended settings in wikis for unbound AND AdguardHome could be incompatible for dnsmasq tweaks.

I did not, but I will. The wikis on unbound and Adguard Home did not mention it.
Otherwise, I was considering a fresh re-installation of Openwrt with only the unbound package and see if errors are still there.

I just installed luci-app-unbound with Luci, but I noticed today that other packages were not installed : unbound-control, unbound-control-setup, luci-i18n-unbound-en, unbound-anchor, unbound-host, unbound-checkconf ...

In the wiki for unbound, there is no indication about what packages should be installed for making unbound a proper recursive resolver (without other middle in upstream).

ohh bhaii aaa.